Vital Greens

Be your best, naturally and easily, with Vital Greens!

Vital Greens is a unique formula containing a synergistic blend of nutrient-dense ingredients - vegetables, fruits and berries, herbs, vitamins and minerals, phytonutrients, cultures, prebiotics, enzymes, essential amino acids and fibre.

Vital Greens is predominantly a food-based formula making it easy to absorb and suitable for all ages, whether looking to support great health, busy living or recovering from illness.  Vital Greens is ideal for vegans and vegetarians or those on restricted diets due to allergies.

Each ingredient has been carefully selected and combined into one great tasting formula to nourish your body quickly and easily. 

> Quality you can trust
> Real food from nature
> Digest and absorb with ease
> Support for modern living
> Realise your full potential
> Easy and tastes great


Vital Greens is now Australia’s number one green food formula - no other greens products is so well known and loved.

Quality you can trust - Vital Greens is made from the highest quality ingredients which are carefully sourced to ensure purity. Each is inspected upon arrival and the product is quality tested at various stages during production. Vital Greens is blended to exacting standards in a purpose-built facility that is registered with the Australian Therapeutic Goods Administration.

Real food from nature - Unlike many multi-vitamins, Vital Greens contains REAL FOOD. Food-sourced nutrients are recognised and metabolised much more easily. Care is taken to mix the ingredients slowly at low temperature. This ensures that enzymes, cofactors and other heat-sensitive nutrients are not damaged in order to maximise health benefits.

Our labeling is clear - we list every ingredient individually by weight (not as blends) so you know exactly what you are getting.

Digest and absorb with ease - Vital Greens comes as a powder for two important reasons. Firstly, once dissolved in liquid the nutrients are much more easily digested and absorbed. Secondly, it’s the practical way to ensure you get your daily requirement. It would take several capsules to deliver the equivalent goodness. Tablets and capsules can be a challenge for some people to swallow and take longer to breakdown for absorption.

Support for modern living - Vital Greens should be enjoyed in conjunction with a healthy, balanced diet. We live in a world with environmental pollutants, refined foods and foods grown in depleted soil. Our diet isn’t always as good as we might want it to be and perhaps we occasionally let our hair down and enjoy a drink or two. Vital Greens provides a nutritional boost to help support the body, despite what else we might throw at it.

Realise your full potential - For athletes, Vital Greens is well suited to support the additional demands that training places on the body. When you’re pushing your body to its limits, the right nutritional support can make a big difference to performance and recovery.

Easy and tastes great - Vital Greens is an easy once-per-day, all-in-one, complete support formula which you just stir into water, a non-acidic juice or your preferred milk. Blend with fresh fruit or Vital Protein for a delicious smoothie. And, it tastes great – which sets it apart from many other greens product and with no artificial additives.

Great health starts with a solid nutritional base.

Vital Greens Contains ONLY pure and natural nutrition
that is great for your health

> NO Gluten
> NO Wheat
> NO Added Sugar
> NO Egg
> NO Dairy
> NO Corn
> NO Yeast
> NO Artificial Colours
> NO Artificial Sweeteners
> NO Artificial Flavours


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