Jessica Giuffre Nutritional Therapist and GAPS practitioner (London UK) April 2014

I have been using Vital Health products for a number of years with great success. Both Vital Greens and Vital Protein have been incredibly effective for both myself and my clients.

Not only are the ingredients pure and bioavailable, but they also deliver on taste, making it very easy for compliance.

Thank you Vital Health, you make a lot of people very happy indeed!

Paul Watson Head Strength and Conditioning Coach - NCCC (Nottingham UK) September 2013

Vital Greens has been excellent for using with the Nottingham Cricket players. Firstly it is the best tasting 'Green' supplement on the market so it is easy to get the players to drink it. I have also been very big on the role a healthy digestive system can play to help keep the players immune system strong. Vital Greens is a fantastic product and I gladly recommend it to anyone who wants to improve their health.

Anna carnegie Personal Trainer (London, UK) May 2013

Vital greens made a huge difference to me. In as little as two weeks I had more energy & vitality and as a personal trainer that is of upmost importance. It wasn't until I ran out of Vital Greens that I fully appreciated what 2 teaspoons a day can do as I was tired and lethargic without it. I recommend Vital Greens to all my clients as a great addition to a healthy eating plan which can be added to healthy smoothies or drunk alone with water.

Jamie Beecham Competitive Triathlete (London UK) March 2013

Presently I am using Vital Greens in two ways. I add Vital Greens to water first thing and consume that on an empty stomach. The taste is great and I have to stop myself from having more. Also, I add a 5g serving to Oats a few times a week, mainly for taste, but also a good way to top up on the nutrients in the Vital Greens. My main reasons for using Vital Greens is to aid digestion which will in turn allow my body to use protein more efficiently for recovery and to keep my immune system at its peak. My training load means that I have in the past been susceptible to colds and illness. Not a sniffle since Vital Greens has been added to my diet.

Stephen Bennett Freestyle Competition Wrestler (Derbyshire, UK) February 2013

I know for sure that at my age I wouldn't be able to compete at the level I do without using Vital Greens. My recovery is 100% after hard workouts of sometimes training twice a day, mornings and evenings. I take both Vital Greens and Vital Protein. In my view Vital supplements are the best on the market. I enjoy the chocolate flavour protein which is easily digested and is easy to mix.

Simon Bourne Ultraman, Coach and World Decatriathlon Champion 2012 (Suffolk, UK) May 2013

As you know I have been using your products for some time now and I must say that they are fantastic. Out of all the products I have used over the years during racing and training they have most definitely come out on top. I love my vital greens drink first thing in the morning and the 2 protein powders I have been using, vanilla and coffee are lovely. They are so nice to drink after a good workout.

They certainly get a BIG thumbs up from me.

Colette Brown Dance Movement Therapist (London, UK) April 2013

Having experienced this product for a month now I am truly amazed and delighted at the difference in my energy levels, skin, hair and general well-being. So easy to take too, I love it.

Angelika Fürstler Free-diver, Underwater Model, Actress, Fitness & Vegan Educator (French Riviera-France) March 2013

It's amazing what Vital Greens brought into my life with just 2 teaspoons a day. I was not satisfied with any of the organic/vegan supplements on the market until I tried Vital Greens. I use it before all underwater productions, free-dive training, sports in general or simply a busy day as it provides everything my body truly needs. It's highly nourishing, easy to digest (which is crucial) and gives me power for the day! Whether traveling or not it is the easiest, fastest and simply the most efficient way to give my body what it need to be fit & healthy!

What surprised me most is how incredibly *delicious* it tastes, making it the *STAR* of most of my smoothies or raw vegan desserts!

Helga Sigurdardottir Nutritionist (Kolbotn, Norway) February 2013

I have been using Vital Greens for nearly a year both for myself and as a base treatment for my patients.

I have tested many different types of products. What I think is great with Vital Greens that it contains many different nutrients, raw food, vegetables, herbs and berries. So you get a good mix of antioxidants, enzymes and cleansing herbs. What I liked very much is that it contains a lot of probiotics (good gut bacteria) which many of us are lacking. Another thing is that there is a relatively high dose lecithin, which is among other things good for our nervous system and memory, reduces cholestasis and is a bile stimulant. What I also like is that all the ingredients are listed clearly on the back. Last but not least, it tastes really good it's much easier for clients to drink it than other types Greens.

I have very good results in my patients with various lifestyle ailments and I also see that the cellular energy increases significantly after a few months of using Vital Greens. As a therapist, I can safely recommend this product for both children and adults. You just have to be aware that with sensitive individuals you can get some detox symptoms in the begin, in which case, start more slowly.

Cissi Gmuender (Zürich, Switzerland) November 2012

Vital Greens in my opinion is the greatest vitamin composition I have ever meet, it is stimulating the whole body and also the stomach. Vital Greens I now take since five years regularly every morning and I feel so great and satisfied since it is composed with every vitamin a body needs - I only can highly recommend Vital Greens.

Vital Greens ist meiner Meinung nach die beste Vitaminzusammensetzung die ich je gefunden habe, sie stimuliert den Körper als auch den Magen. Ich trinke Vital Greens seit fünf Jahren regelmässig jeden Morgen und ich möchte es nicht missen - auch weil alle Vitaminen die ich brauche darin enhthalten sind und ich mich seither so ausgeglichen fühle - ich kann Vital Greens nur bestens empfehlen.

Silvia Montello Director of Voicebox Consulting (London, UK) September 2012

At the time I was recommended Vital Greens by my nutritional therapist, I had been struggling with digestive upsets for several months, was feeling generally really run-down and lacking in energy to make it through the working week. I'd used green tea shots in the past on a whim but have otherwise been reasonably cynical of 'green super-foods' as many seem to be expensive fads. But I would highly recommend Vital Greens for a number of reasons. Firstly, it provides me a really easy quick fix of nutrients each morning rather than having to labour over using several different vitamins and supplements to do the same job — super important as I'm constantly on the go so saving even 5 minutes in the morning is a blessing. Secondly, by adding it to my morning protein shake breakfast it actually makes it taste better. Yup, I look forward to using the stuff because it enhances the taste of my shakes — who knew!? Combining it with a strawberry protein powder and rice milk makes a breakfast shake that is more enjoyable, keeps me full for several hours AND can be scoffed down in no time as I race against the clock to get ready to leave the house. I'm equally happy just having a couple of teaspoons of it in water if I'm having a more leisurely breakfast — you really don't have to grin and bear it, it tastes good. Lastly and most importantly I've really noticed a difference in how I feel in a matter of weeks — my energy levels are greatly improved, my digestive system is getting back under control and I feel sparky enough to get back to the gym. I've already recommended Vital Greens to friends and will continue to do so!

Rachel Commerford Fitness instructor (Berkshire, UK) August 2012

Since discovering Vital Pea Protein Powder, there has not been a day gone by that I haven't had my "fix". I've tried other pea protein powders but nothing compares to the delicious flavour of vital protein. It dissolves like no other for a fantastic smooth texture! I follow a predominantly alkaline, low carbohydrate diet and am lactose intolerant with various digestive complaints, and food intolerances. I choose not to eat soy and am very careful in regards to choosing organic products. I thought finding a protein powder to suit my food requirements (Low Carbohydrate Level, Low Allergenic, High Alkalinity level) was going to be impossible! Most protein products are either whey or soy based or very high sugar / carb ratio or are ladened with artificial sweeteners! Then I discovered Vital protein and have never looked back! I have it AT LEAST 3 times a day, regardless of my training schedule.

I use it in my morning smoothies. Mix it in with chia seeds to make a delicious porridge. I have it on my cereal. Make my own gluten free, sugar free bluberry muffins with the vanilla flavour. And every evening I have a bowl mixed with warm water and mix in blueberries. It makes a delicious, guilt free, desert! Like a premium angel delight! My friends and family, especially the children, love it.

As I train hard I need Protein to support lean muscle mass, immune function, energy and weight control. Vital products support all of this and more. I really notice a difference in my energy levels, performance and satiety if I don't have my pea protein in the mornings. Since using Vital Protein and it's companion Vital Greens together I've seen an even greater increase in my performance and energy levels.

Felicity Cook Body Psychotherapist/Voice Therapist (Suffolk, UK) August 2012

About two years ago my massage therapist gave me some Vital Greens to try; it felt right for me. I already had Fibromyalgia so I purchased my own and began taking it regularly, not realising I already had colon cancer. Investigation for this began a year ago, diagnosis in August and major open surgery followed in October. The medics amazed at how well I recovered and so was I!

I have a very sensitive system and my body knows a good product when it meets one. As a Body Psychotherapist/Voice therapist I shall recommend Vital Greens and the Vital Health website to clients and colleagues. Vital Greens are not only part of my recovery and healing, but an essential Life Choice for me; I give it FIVE STARS!

Helen Lynam Lecturer / Nutritional Therapist (Ascot /London UK) July 2012

I have tried a few green powders in the past and can only say it was like eating grass and dirt and was always one of those things I thought that it must be doing me good to taste like that! However, Vital Greens has a lovely flavour - helped by the papaya, pineapple and vanilla natural base. I look forward to drinking it every day.

Paulina Roxo Model/Entrepreneur (Australia / Europe) June 2012

My Nutritionist put me on Vital Greens 2 years ago as I was suffering a number of ailments which conventional medicine only seemed to mask instead of addressing the actual cause of conditions. A few weeks of taking Vital Greens, my pain and symptoms were gone. Needless to say, I have been a loyal customer since! I am also extremely active and I travel regularly so it's not always possible to eat health food but having Vital Greens with me at all times is a great travel strategy and my commitment to a truly healthful diet! I can be sure I get adequate nutrients and amazing health and energy!

Matthew Green BPharm (Blakes Pharmacy, Darlinghurst Road, Potts Point, NSW)

"My pharmacy is in the centre of Sydney's busy Potts Point. Our customers are generally in the high earning, high job pressure 20-50 year old demographic that tend to want a simple, 'quick fix' to their health and lifestyle problems. Over the past 8 years my whole family has taken 'Vital Greens'. I have also seen a consistent pattern of improvement in the general health of people I have recommended 'Vital Greens' to. The absorption of this formula ensures our customers perceive the benefits quickly and this product has a large group of enthusiastic advocates, which is quite unusual."

Edwina Wynyard, MD of AmaZing PR Ltd (London)

"I'm a horrible old cynic when it comes to ingesting vitamin pills and all those 'feel good' drinks. However, I am very pleasantly surprised by Vital Greens. After just a week of religiously taking Vital Greens, I had a visible kick in my step. Now three months on, I have dodged every flu and gastro bug that I've come into contact with. I work crazy hours meeting, greeting and doing events but recently I just seem to have coasted through without so much as a yawn. I'm very impressed and I've been busy converting family, friends, staff and clients - oh and not forgetting my elderly Tibetan spaniel!"

Sally Patterson (Glascow, UK)

"Just to let you know that I have been taking the Vital Greens for just over a week now and I feel great!! I have loads more energy, better mood and I even sleep better!! My skin is looking really healthy also. My colleague is also raving about it!! Thanks!"

Faye Dowling (Cheshire, UK)

"I feel I must tell you how much Vital Greens have helped me.I became very ill with a virus,and it was a great effort to keep going! However,as soon as I started to take Vital Greens my energy level rose and I was able to cope! Thank you Vital Greens."

Fiona King (Australia)

"Thank you, thank you, thank you for making it so easy for me to get my husband to have ALL his vitamins and minerals! If I don't constantly remind him he would never take a vitamin or remember to eat the servings of fruit and vegies his body requires during the day, and he NEVER has breakfast, the most he will have is a cup of tea and if I force it on him a banana! I mix him a Vital Greens first thing in the morning and he has it before his cup of tea and the best thing is I don't have to think about it for the rest of the day, it's made my life easier! We are planing on having a baby next year, at what age can we give Vital Greens to our children? Also my sister is studying to become a Naturopath and I have her and her partner hooked, he suffers from Chrones Disease and she has a constant battle keeping him on his correct diet! What is with guys? Anyway we are putting our whole family onto this great stuff, thanks again and we LOVE Vital Greens."

Regards, Kim (Australia)

"Just wanted to say I think Vital Greens is a brilliant product. My partner, Mum and brother all take it and we all find it very helpful in various ways but particularly for increased energy levels and digestive problems.

My brother visits our 92 year old Nanna every day and she can always tell if he has taken his Vital Greens or not, because when he takes it he is noticeably happier and more energetic (he has suffered from depression for many years).

So thanks for creating such a great supplement and particularly for making it vegan and gluten free, which is an issue for my mum and I."

Wendy, Jack  

"I just wished to let you know that since sending me a sample of Vital Greens, I went out and bought the product and have continued a daily ritual of Vital Greens every morning. The biggest differences I have found are my increased energy levels, better sleeping patterns and clarity of body, mind and soul. My partner and I have tried Supergreens and Shakti for comparison, however your product is the best and the most palatable."


"Being a strict vegan I can't thank you enough for your wonderful product. I have been using Vital Greens for a month now and the difference it has made to my life is amazing. Thanks for your great work and commitment to the health of others."

Helen Tugwell (Western Australia)

"I am also recommending to my friends, as I have felt wonderful and full of energy since a few weeks after starting with Vital Greens."

Fern Laufenberg ND DBM (Suffolk Park, NSW)

"I have found 'Vital Greens' to be a very useful adjunct in my naturopathic clinic. The main aspects of 'Vital Greens' I like in practice is its simplicity for the patient and the practitioner. Its comprehensive spread of nutrients and their superior absorption allows focus on the individual therapeutic requirements of my patients in the knowledge that underlying nutritional deficiencies are being addressed.

The ingredients also help restore the homeostasis of the individual by the application of classic naturopathic principals of nutrition and gentle, gradual elimination of toxins with minimal disruption of the individual's lifestyle. The simplicity of one serve per day and the agreeable taste ensures a high level of patient compliance as well.

I would recommend 'Vital Greens' to any practitioner who sees the value of nutrition in better clinical outcomes for their patients."

Mark Visser (Big Wave Surfer)

"One of the most important things for health for any person is keeping your body alkalized! Vital Greens and Vital Protein both score an excellent in that field. In addition to that, for me in particular with the demands of my profession, the ability to get all the nutrients I need from one source is massively beneficial."

Florence Walters  

"My Doctor of 37 years, who I worked with, was very interested in Vital Greens… He was so impressed in how I was! I had lost 1 1/2 stone, no sign of diverticulitus or hypertension, also my energy levels, he remarked a very good result from taking Vital Greens!"

Mandy Clarke  

"I even have my dogs on Vital Greens (as we live near a facility that is pumping toxic emissions into our streets and homes – we can’t afford to sell up and move at this point) so I’m doing my best to boost their immune system while we make the move and save to get out of here. Vital Greens has made a massive difference to their health. Brilliant! Holistic Animals recommended it."

Name witheld by request  

"I am in Perth W A, I started chemopherapy on the 17th Dec. My daughter brought me a tub of Vital Greens, and on the advice of the lady who she bought it from…I would like to advise the Doctors, of the properties of your product, and suggest that other patients might benefit from it. Taking Vital Greens, seems to stop, or at least slow the nausea, which is a side effect of chemo."


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