Just Reds 200g

Just Reds 200g

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Vital has selected the six finest reds found in nature to create "Just Reds":

With beet, goji, carrot, tomato, acai and pomegranate, this certified 100% organic raw reds blend is filled with pure wholefood nutrients that are naturally absorbed for optimal benefits.

Just Reds is rich in phytonutrients that may help to support a healthy immune system, help provide energy and assist in overall health and wellness.

Fuel and energise your body with Just Reds!

Ingredient listing:

  • Organic Beet (22.5%)
  • Organic Goji (22.5%)
  • Organic Carrot (20%)
  • Organic Tomato (15%)
  • Organic Acai (10%)
  • Organic Pomegranate (10%)


Mix 1-2 tsp into your smoothie, juice or water. Enjoy daily at any time of the day.

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